Market 4.0 (н/р)

MARKET4.0 platform will enable new business, based on value-adding interactions among the production equipment and service providers and their customers while at the same time provides an open and participative infrastructure for these interactions and sets the governance conditions on them. MARKET4.0 provides a sustainable business environment as it creates revenues for all participating stakeholders. By making the MARKET4.0 platform accessible to all contributors and users (through its open, vendor-agnostic architecture), SMEs, and large companies across the entire manufacturing value chain will benefit. Individual users of the platform such as production equipment SMEs get revenues for selling production equipment and services to more customers, while final customers get value but improving time-to-market for their products by “plug&produce” solutions. Software and simulation service providers acquire revenues for the use of their services either from production equipment providers or final end-users. Finally, MARKET4.0 platform core owners get revenues by software and simulation providers for using the IDS based MARKET4.0 services.

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