I-COM Data Startup Challenge 2020
The 8th edition of the I-COM Data Startup Challenge will showcase top Startups from around the world who leverage value from Smart Data Marketing as the central selling point of their product or services.

Success in a Data world means aligning a “dream team” and Ecosystem of companies that enable competitive advantage for their clients by leveraging value from Data. Never before has there been such a curiosity and need for large enterprises to understand and invest in the latest approaches and technologies that are on the horizon.

For the 2020 Data Startup Challenge:
The Top Startups will have an opportunity to attend the 4-day I-COM Global Summit (including the iconic Gala Dinner) as part of the Official Selection at a discounted Summit access fee.

The Finalist Startups will qualify to participate in the final round of judging and present to the Global Summit attendees.

The Startups attending the Global Summit will have multiple opportunities to network with some of the top executives from the world's leading brands and agencies including a limited number of bespoke opportunities based around your objective and product offering.

Entry Form - www.i-com.org/data-startup-challenge-2020-entry-form
To enter, please make sure your startup meets all the following requirements:
a. Product is live in the market, at least having one client = 1 case study
b. Company is less than 4 years old
c. Annual revenue is less than US$ 2.5 million

Price per Entry: EUR 49.-

Entry deadline: January 31st, 2020