WorldStartup (н/р)

Our main drive is to accelerate growth of ventures who focus on future solutions with positive impact. Increased innovation in sectors aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals is key to economic growth. These goals are already reshaping global markets and capital flows, bringing impact businesses to the spotlight and making them stand out in the competition.

We invite startups who are working on pieces of this puzzle to step forward and join our ecosystem to increase the chance of running a successful business with a real impact for a better world. We are looking for startups in various areas like mobility, food, energy, housing, and water management.

If you successfully join our community, we will offer you:
- minimum 12 months of mentorship
- regular check-in with your support lead
- intensive market readiness and investor readiness training programs
- access to New Business Summit, our annual flagship event
- access to other (partner) events
- legal & business support
- startup visa (for internationals)
- office space in The Hague

... all together against 2% equity.

Besides, we can support you with capital investment and arrange a senior executive in your team if we are successful together

Our selection criteria:
- great team
- social impact
- emerging technology or business model
- min €10 mln/yr revenue opportunity
- additionally: WorldStartup must be able to add real value to your business

We Have an Ongoing Application Process, so Apply Now via F6S!
Market readiness and investor readiness trainings are organized multiple times throughout the year.